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Efficient Ideation & Innovation and Methodical Execution

with a Servant-Leader Management Mentality...

Welcome to White Hat Development Co. The team that we have assembled has been creating and developing new ideas, products & services and organizing and running the companies that bring them to market since the late 90's. We've been grinding it out building, day-after-day for years, sometimes for ourselves and sometimes for other's visions... and now, our model is ready to make it happen for both. Who knows, maybe this includes you too?


As a group, we genuinely love to see others succeed. We love to help others and cherish it when we've been able to lend a hand in a process that led to. Our work and deep experience across the entire country and many-many international markets in innovation, ideation, product & service design and development, marketing & sales, manufacturing, asset management, structured finance, operations and enterprise management allows us to drive ideas efficiently into becoming cutting-edge innovations for our enterprise, our partners and our clients.


Being decent enough at this for ourselves, we decided to try to help others to do the same thing for themselves along the way... And through our 5th Element Partners group, along with our own, sometimes collaborative, burgeoning portfolio of intellectual properties, our growing pipeline of over 30(+) company-owned development projects and our servant-leader approach in all things, we have designed a business model & structure that permits us to drive forward vigorously our own ventures while also collaboratively serving, helping and lifting up others to avoid the land mines, snares and traps that are so prevalent in the art of invention and in opening new markets with new innovative ideas... so that they can be successful for "themselves." This helpfulness-based mentality is in our DNA as a partnership at White Hat; its just who we are as a group.


So, regardless of whether you're a potential vendor or supplier, a potential client, or a potential strategic member of one of our teams, we welcome the opportunity to connect, get to know you a bit and work with you. And, in that light, please, feel free  to reach out and get in touch with us at your leisure; we'd love to make your acquaintance and we always maintain confidentiality when requested to do so. 

How we Approach Our Work

We treat every project "like we own it; regardless of who does."

At White Hat Development Co. we have the flexibility, nimbleness and capability to approach a development project from a multitude of value-add angles. We like to say that we have "Multiple Approaches... But, only one Result; Excellence..." For the firm, we take great ideas that we have invented, innovated or otherwise created and bring them efficiently into reality along with a specifically designed, but fluid and flexible enterprise and growth model built around them to support the concept or product which nurtures it early-on and carries it to (and through) its product life-cycle for our stakeholders. And, we’ve created a smart, flexible and affordable platform that allows us to do this for ourselves very efficiently with many types of ideas, concepts, products and services development endeavors and projects.


That same attention to planning, detail, mindfulness of costs, work & relationship ethics and "focus on efficiency" works well for our limited group of 3rd-party clients at The 5th Element Partners too. From a napkin sketch on a coffee-shop table to an engineering challenge to developing and managing sales channels to increase earnings; WE GET IT, and chances are, we've seen the a challenge presenting itself in a project before.


Developing an idea can be challenging for a first-timer inventor, an innovator or a person with a great idea, and harder still to profit from that great idea without blowing the budget or learning later that someone stole it from you as you were trying to build it... We know because we live it every day for ourselves. If you think we might be able help you develop your idea, let us know, chances are we can add value to your development equation; its why we built The 5th Element Partners.

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About White Hat Development Co.

With a broad base of experience in nearly every state in the union and many international jurisdictions and virtually every nook and cranny of building ideas, things, properties, companies and our people, our principals focus a great deal of of their time, energy and efforts on the continued development of our internally borne and generated portfolio of intellectual properties, technologies, products and service projects and platforms that are under development in our shop today. 


Basically, we're 3 well-trained professionals from varied highly competitive career experiences and industry backgrounds who decided to form a team to leverage our experience, expertise and understanding that we've been blessed with to make a positive difference wherever and whenever we can. We are grateful for the lives we've led, are grateful for every day that we have and are determined to help others benefit from what we make and what we've learned along the way. Its a pretty simple model for us; "We simply develop great ideas into real tangible things that help others and we take time to lend a hand to help others whenever we can along the way while doing it."  

We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work, vehemently protect our partners as family and insist on fairness to all others involved with us at every level of engagement or interaction in every project that we undertake;

... No exceptions.

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Dallas TX - Austin, TX - Lubbock, TX - Columbus, OH - Atlanta, GA

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